Dr. Greg Bourgond A Rattling of Sabers
What you do in life echoes in eternity.

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I'm Dr. Greg Bourgond, author of A Rattling of Sabers: Preparing Your Heart for Life's Battles, Papa's Blessings:  The Gift That Keeps Giving, Setting Your Course:  How to Navigate Life's Journey, and Leadership Beef Jerky:  Principles and Practices You Can Chew On.


I am president and founder of Heart of a Warrior Ministries, based in St. Paul, Minnesota.  My ministry is operational in many states and countries. I have dedicated forty-four years to helping men around the world live lives of integrity and honor under God's authority. Happily married for fifty years, we love spending time with our six grandchildren.


A Rattling of Sabers: Preparing Your Heart for Life's Battles

Do you hear the rattling of sabers on a distant battlefield stirring within your soul to rise up and release the hero within you?  Are you sick and tired of being defeated by behaviors that continually drag you back to personal territory you thought you had vanquished?  Is your life punctuated by repeated defeats along life's journey?  Do you long for a life of integrity, authenticity, courage and valor?  Are you living in the misty lowlands of mediocrity because you forgot how to fly like an eagle?  Do you desire to live a life worth leaving in the lives of others?  Are you embarrassed by recurring transgressions that contradict what you say you believe and value?  Are you missing out on the abundant life promised by God?

If so, lean into your fear and join a journey many men have traveled before you leading to a life of strength and honor—a life lived in bold relief, a life that will leave a pleasing aroma in the nostrils of those who come within your sphere of influence., a life that will bring glory and honor to God, a life that strengthen your resolve, a life that will positively impact the world around you, a life that will draw you to wholeness and holiness, a life that will model the heart of God, a life that will help you finish well. "A Rattling of Sabers" will help you connect the dots between your beliefs, values, perceptual attitudes, and motives producing God-honoring behavior all of which is informed and conditioned by God's word and empowered by the Holy Spirit.  You will gain clarity regarding the relationship between these critical elements, how to remove and replace corrupted behaviors, and to live more consistently and congruently with God's preferred lifestyle through executing your personal battle plans.

Papa's Blessings:  The Gift That Keeps Giving

Every human being longs for the affirmation, acceptance, and esteem of someone who matters to them. Sadly, most of us never hear the words we long to hear-words of appreciation, esteem, recognition, and value. In Papa's Blessings, the vital importance of bestowing blessings upon others is stressed. This practical and helpful guide provides a fresh take on applying an ancient practice to life in the modern world. The book establishes the importance of blessing, identifies the eight essential components of a meaningful blessing, provides multiple examples of blessings, describes how to administer a blessing, explains the legacy of blessings, and includes a worksheet for developing and giving a blessing. Papa’s Blessings combines biblical references, illustrations, and personal and emotional stories to show it's never too late or too early to give a blessing to those who long for one-beginning with your loved ones and continuing with those who come within your sphere of influence. The world can be a cold and unforgiving place, and Papa's Blessings helps prepare our loved ones by giving them something that will sustain them on the difficult journey before them-a blessing.

Setting Your Course:  How To Navigate Your Life's Journey

God is very clear about His purposes for you. If you want to live a meaningful life, it must be aligned with His purposes. You have a unique purpose to fulfill, a committed passion to embrace, a role to perform, unique methodologies-a personal toolkit-to employ, and an ultimate contribution to make. In Setting Your Course, you are encouraged set your course, find focus for your life, engage in God's journey for you, and finish your journey well. He employs a three-part process to influence you to live all-out for Christ-the compass, map, and guide. The Compass explains the importance of orienting your life in accordance with established biblical compass points. The Map defines the trajectory you are to follow based on how God has wired you. The Guide stresses the importance of being mentored and mentoring others. Setting Your Course helps you formulate a deliberate strategy for determining your purpose; assists you in aligning your life according to God's plan; encourages you to become a proactive partner in fulfilling God's purposes and redemptive activity; and exhorts you to leave a worthwhile legacy in the lives of others.

Leadership Beef Jerky:  Principles and Practices You Can Chew On

Leadership competence may be the tools of leadership, but biblically informed character is the power of leadership. The exercise of leadership involves character, competence, and congruence. Who you are as a leader, your character, how your wiring plays a role in your practice of leadership, and your congruence will determine how effective your implementation of leadership practices will be. The competencies you leverage will produce exponential results. You will find principles and practices that help organize how you think about leadership and what will and should inform your understanding and practice. You will be introduced to a calibration of the soul.  We are told to guard our hearts because it will bring forth, good or bad, what is stored within. Calibration of the heart to the heart of God is essential to accomplish God’s redemptive purposes in the world. You will be given practices, processes, procedures, methodologies, tactics, and strategies that will help you become a more effective leader, regardless of the number of people you lead.  When the head and the heart—the beingness of our leadership—are aligned, then the hand will produce God-honoring results. How you think and how you inform your leadership will influence how you carry out your practice of leadership. Effective, godly leadership is developed over a lifetime, is exercised through our God-given passion and giftedness, finds its source and authority in God, is built on biblical principles and values, and is practiced in culturally sensitive ways. The principles and practices described in this book will help you become a leader after God’s heart. The legacy you will leave will be a sweet-smelling aroma that will linger in the lives of all who come within your sphere of influence long after God calls you home.